CSD Seminar webpage

Welcome to the CSD seminar webpage ! 


This seminar aims at inviting researchers coming from all domains related to Data Science, ranging from physics and mathematics to linguistics and cognitive science. 

The talks will usually be on Thursdays from 12am to 1pm in the conference room of the center, but since there are many workshops and seminars, they will sometimes be moved to other days of the week. 

The talks will last about 40 minutes, and will be followed by questions and discussions - feel free to bring your lunch in the conference room and chat there afterwards ! 

The CSD seminar team - Matt, Paul, Stéphane & Simon



Next seminar : Sebastian Goldt on Thursday, January 20

Title and abstract to be added soon. 



Past and future seminars :

  • Thursday, November 18 : Rémi Monasson : Restricted Boltzmann Machines revisited : from sampling to design
  • Friday, November 26 : Mathieu Wyart : What makes data learnable by deep learning
  • Thursday, December 2 : 
  • Thursday, December 9 : François Charton : Deep learning for symbolic maths
  • Thursday, December 16 : Dieuwke Hupkes : On locality, globality, consistency and compositionality in neural machine translation
  • Thursday, January 6 : Julia Kempe (postponed)
  • Thursday, January 13 : Francis Bach (postponed)
  • Thursday, January 20 : 
  • Thursday, Januray 27 : Sebastian Goldt
  • Thursday, February 3 : Marc Lelarge
  • Thursday, February 10 :
  • Thursday, February 17