PhD Seminar

Welcome to CSD PhD Seminar webpage ! 

The PhD Seminar is a weekly meeting gathering students of the Center around interactive paper presentations, classes or tutorials. This seminar is not limited to students from the center and everybody is welcome to join us !

The talks will take place in the Conference Room of the center on Mondays from 12pm to 1pm. Sandwiches will be distributed to participants during the seminar. 

Our ambition is to vary presentations formats. Feel free to contact us if you have ideas of classes, tutorials that could be organized during the seminar.


The CSD Phd Seminar team - Mathieu, Maria, Othmane & Gaspar


Next seminar

THEME 1 : Transformers

28th March : Paul Michel - Introductory class on transformers 

I will give a quick introduction on the transformer, a neural network architecture that has become ubiquitous in natural language processing since its introduction in 2017. I will describe the artchitecture itself, why and how it came to be and describe some of the research looking into why it works so well. 


Future seminars 

THEME 1 : Transformers

TBD : Michael Sander - Sinkformers : Transformers with Doubly Stochastic Attention 



Past seminars

Seminar 1 : Mathieu Rita - On the role of population heterogeneity in emergent communication 

Seminar 2 : Florentin Guth - Best programming practices, computer tools and quality-of-life tricks


Legend :

- Paper presentation
- Class